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  1. --- mater
  2. Associated with mater
  3. Book in the Book of Mormon
  4. Book of mormon book
  5. Book of the book of mormon
  6. Brokeback Mountain heroine
  7. Campus first name
  8. Certain mater
  9. City in Michigan
  10. City of the US
  11. City of the USA
  12. City of the United States
  13. City in the USA
  14. City in the United States
  15. City in the US
  16. City of North America
  17. City of the Americas
  18. City of Georgia
  19. City in the Americas
  20. City in North America
  21. City in Georgia
  22. Colin powell`s wife
  23. College in Mich
  24. College in michannel
  25. College in Michigan
  26. Coloratura gluck
  27. Common anthem word
  28. Companion of mater
  29. Crimean battle river
  30. Diarist Mahler-Werfel
  31. Diva gluck
  32. Donna in From Here to Eternity
  33. Donna reed`s `from here to eternity` role
  34. Donna Reed`s From Here to Eternity role
  35. Egyptian dancing girl
  36. Egyptian dancing-girl
  37. Estonian feminine given name
  38. Feminine given name
  39. Fostering: Lat
  40. Frau mahler
  41. General Powell`s better half
  42. Girl in a 1910 song
  43. Girl in Tennessee Williams`s Summer and Smoke
  44. Girl who befuddled Lhasa holy man
  45. Girl`s name for a battle scene
  46. Girl`s name meaning bountiful
  47. Gluck
  48. Gluck of opera
  49. Gluck of operatic fame
  50. Gluck of the Met
  51. Gluck of the opera
  52. Gluck or Kruger
  53. Gluck or mater
  54. Grace period
  55. Gustav Mahler`s wife
  56. Helen, in Hitchcock
  57. Heroine of Tennessee William`s Summer and Smoke
  58. Heroine of tennessee williams`s `summer and smoke`
  59. Hitchcock`s wife
  60. Hitchcock`s wife and collaborator
  61. Hud heroine
  62. Kind to Caesar
  63. Kruger or Reville
  64. Latin girl name
  65. Latino media award
  66. Liberal-arts college in Michigan
  67. Longest book in the Book of Mormon
  68. Longest book of the Book of Mormon
  69. Mahler or Gluck
  70. Mahler`s missus
  71. Mahler`s widow
  72. Mahler-Werfel
  73. Mater antecedent
  74. Mater intro
  75. Mater lead-in
  76. Mater leader
  77. Mater or gluck
  78. Mater preceder
  79. Mater starter
  80. Mater`s beginner
  81. Mater`s intro
  82. Mater`s preceder
  83. Mater`s predecessor
  84. Matthew Prior poem
  85. Michelle`s Brokeback Mountain role
  86. Michigan city or college
  87. Michigan college
  88. Michigan college city
  89. Michigan college or its town
  90. Michigan college town
  91. Michigan town or college
  92. Michigan town or its college
  93. Miss Gluck
  94. Miss Mater
  95. Miss Rubens of the silents
  96. Mrs. alfred hitchcock
  97. Mrs. colin powell
  98. Mrs. Hitchcock
  99. Mrs. mahler
  100. Mrs. Walter Gropius
  101. Ms. Kruger
  102. Ms. Mater
  103. Name from the latin for `nourishing`
  104. Nourishing, to Nero
  105. Nourishing: Lat
  106. Opera singer Gluck
  107. Opera`s gluck
  108. Operatic Gluck
  109. Operatic soprano Gluck
  110. Presbyterian-founded Michigan college
  111. President Coin in the `Hunger Games` series
  112. Prohibit
  113. City in Quebec
  114. River in the USSR
  115. Saboteur star Kruger
  116. Scandal? Marcia`s the female at its heart
  117. September 1854 battle in the Crimean War
  118. She`s in Alabama surroundings
  119. She`s with mater
  120. Silk fabric, usually black
  121. Singer Gluck
  122. Soprano gluck
  123. Soprano/wife of Efrem Zimbalist, Sr
  124. Soul: Sp
  125. Spanish feminine given name
  126. Spanish for soul
  127. Spanish-language song
  128. Spiritual mother
  129. Summer and Smoke heroine
  130. Tennessee Williams Summer and Smoke heroine
  131. The signalman`s girl
  132. Tom lehrer song
  133. US soprano Gluck
  134. Vintage vehicle
  135. What a man may call a gal
  136. Woman in Summer and Smoke
  137. Woman`s name meaning `nourishing` in latin
  138. Woman`s name meaning nourishing in Latin
  139. Word before mater
  140. Word often with mater

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Definitions of “Alma”
If the answer you seek is not in the answers above these definitions may help solving your crossword puzzle.

• Alma is a cultivated variety of potato
• City, Gratiot county, central Michigan, U
• (1891) Alma is an 1891-built scow schooner
• Atacama Large Millimeter/Sub-millimeter Array
• A female given name: from a Latin word meaning “kind
• (1904) Alma (1904) is a cultivated variety of potato
• (1978) Alma (1978) is a cultivated variety of potato
• (given name) Alma (ə {respell|AHL|mə}) is an English feminine given name

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