Alfa (Crossword)

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We didn't find answers to the clue “Alfa” but we did find clues where “Alfa” could be the answer:
  1. --- Romeo
  2. ---Romeo
  3. -Romeo prefix, sportscarwise
  4. A word used in communications to represent the letter A
  5. Aer local forecast and assimilation
  6. African grass
  7. Bravo and Charlie preceder, in an alphabet code
  8. Bravo follows it
  9. Bravo leader
  10. Bravo preceder
  11. Bravo predecessor
  12. Bravo`s predecessor, in radio communication
  13. British American Tobacco brand
  14. Certain alphabet opener
  15. Class of Soviet sub
  16. Class of submarines
  17. Code A
  18. Code letter
  19. Code letter before bravo
  20. Code starter
  21. Code word
  22. Code word fo a
  23. Code word for `a`
  24. Code word for the letter A
  25. Code-sender`s a
  26. Communications A
  27. Communications code start
  28. Communications code word
  29. Communications code word for A
  30. Communications code word for the letter a
  31. Communications opener
  32. Communications word
  33. Communications word for A
  34. Company acquired by Nicola Romeo in 1915
  35. Control tower`s A
  36. Cryptographer`s a
  37. Esparto
  38. Esparto grass
  39. European sports car (briefly)
  40. European sports car (informally)
  41. First Greek letter, to El Greco
  42. First in a series of 26
  43. First letter in communications
  44. First letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet
  45. First letter, in signaling
  46. First letter, to pilots
  47. First name in classic cars
  48. First radio code word
  49. First word in codes
  50. First word in the NATO phonetic alphabet
  51. Grass
  52. Grass of Africa
  53. Grass of North Africa
  54. Grass used for cordage
  55. Important European forage plant
  56. Introduction for Romeo
  57. Introduction to Romeo
  58. It can come before Romeo
  59. It can precede Bravo
  60. It comes before Bravo and Charlie
  61. It precedes Romeo
  62. It`s five before Foxtrot
  63. Italian auto (briefly)
  64. Italian auto (informally)
  65. Italian car (briefly)
  66. Italian car (informally)
  67. Italian sports car (briefly)
  68. Italian sports car (informally)
  69. Italian sports car, commonly
  70. Italian wheels
  71. Italian wheels (briefly)
  72. Letter before Bravo
  73. Letter in radio communications
  74. Letter preceding bravo
  75. Medium-range ballistic missile
  76. N.african grass
  77. NATO alphabet starter
  78. NATO alphabet word for A
  79. NATO phonetic alphabet opener
  80. North African grass
  81. Opening for romeo
  82. Opposite of Zulu
  83. Popular sports car (informally)
  84. Preceder of bravo in a radio alphabet
  85. Radio code for A
  86. Radio code word
  87. Radioed `A`
  88. Romeo header
  89. Romeo introducer
  90. Romeo lead-in
  91. Romeo might go after it
  92. Romeo on the road
  93. Romeo preceder
  94. Romeo`s car
  95. Romeo`s first name
  96. Romeo`s front
  97. Romeo`s leader
  98. Romeo`s leader, automotively speaking
  99. Romeo`s other half
  100. Romeo`s partner
  101. Romeo`s precursor
  102. Romeo`s predecessor
  103. Signal-code word
  104. Soviet attack sub
  105. Soviet nuclear-powered submarine
  106. Soviet sub class
  107. Soviet submarine class
  108. Sparks` A
  109. Spider maker
  110. Sports car
  111. Sports car (briefly)
  112. Sporty auto (informally)
  113. Sporty European wheels
  114. Sporty Italian auto (short)
  115. Sporty Italian auto briefly
  116. Sporty Italian car
  117. Sporty Italian car (briefly)
  118. Sporty Italian car, casually
  119. Starting code word
  120. The Hunt for Red October submarine class
  121. Two before Charlie
  122. Type of Soviet sub
  123. Via Veneto auto (briefly)
  124. With 21 Across, Italian auto
  125. With Romeo following, it`s fast
  126. With romeo following, it`s sporty
  127. With Romeo, hot auto
  128. Word on Fiat`s brand list
  129. Zulu`s counterpart

Definitions of “Alfa”
If the answer you seek is not in the answers above these definitions may help solving your crossword puzzle.

• Association for Low Flow Anaesthesia
• Alfa is a name for esparto grass obtained from Algeria
• A word used in communications to represent the letter A
• Acronym: AER Local Forecast and Assimilation (Model)
• (Lebanon) Alfa is one of the two operating GSM networks in Lebanon
• (title) Alfa is a title given to distinguished figures in Guinea
• (rowing) ALFA is the biggest indoor rowing competition in the Baltics raced over 1
• The Alfa is a gas-operated machine-gun designed in Spain during the Second World War when their stock of machine-guns required replacement

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